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You will find below the most commonly asked questions and their answers which should address most inquiries. However, should you not find the information you are seeking, do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our services and/or properties.



Why rent a Villa/Riad?

Privacy, luxury, comfort and personalized service are only a few of the reasons you should consider renting a villa/riad with Premium Keys. Having a home away from home is the perfect way to spend an enjoyable holiday. The use of a private pool, the possibility of having your meals served in different area of the property indoors or outdoors, at any time of day, or relax in tranquility at your leisure; all are possible when you have an entire property at your disposal.



What are the costs of renting a villa?

The rental cost of a villa or Riad vary from $$$ to $$$ per week. Rental cost is determined by the location, size, number of rooms, quantity and quality of their equipment, and course, included services such as household staff and time of the year.


What is included or not included in the rental cost?

Since villas come with their own specific amenities and range of services, the best way to find out what is included or not is to review the ‘characteristics’ section describing in detail each property. In some cases, all services, such as meal preparation, are included. In other instances, services are available at additional cost. For all properties, the ‘characteristics’ provides complete information regarding the availability of services and whether or not they are included in the basic rental cost.


What additional costs can I expect?

Food, transportation, excursions, outings on the town and telephone calls are usually not included in the basic rental cost. If the property of your choice does not include household personnel, such as a chef or housekeeper, qualified people may be suggested to you at an additional cost.




How many people can a villa accommodate?

 As a general rule, maximum occupancy is based on two people occupying each bedroom. For example, a three-bedroom property will accommodate a maximum of six people. In some cases, extra beds can be made available depending on the property, particularly to accommodate children, making villa rental a great holiday choice for families. However, it is imperative to indicate early on the total number of people in your party to avoid surprises and make your stay a trouble-free and a pleasant one.



Do you require a minimum length of stay?

Depending on the season, the minimum stay required varies from 3 to 7 days.

Whenever possible, we do our best to accommodate our guests according to their schedule.



Are your rental rates per night, per person?

The rates shown on our web site are per night for the total number of persons that a property can accommodate. The rates can vary depending on the season, the length of stay and the number of guests occupying the property.



What is the currency used for the rates?

All rates shown are in Euros. However, you can choose to view the rates in Pounds, Dollars or Dirhams



Do you require a security deposit?

A security deposit is always required. You will find it in the ‘Characteristics’ section of each property, under ‘Property rules’.



Are taxes and gratuities included in the rates?

In most cases, all taxes are included in the rates. If this is not the case, it will be specified in the rental agreement. Gratuities to the household personnel are never included in the rates.



Does every property come with household personnel?

Many villas are fully staffed with gardeners, housekeepers, chefs, beauty/spa attendants, etc. Others do not and some have part-time arrangements with selected personnel. We recommend consulting the ‘Characteristics’ section for each property to find out exactly what it offers in terms of household personnel.



What is the daily role of the household personnel?

The personnel are responsible for the villa’s maintenance, indoors and outdoors, including the garden, the swimming pool and other facilities it may offer.

If a cook or a chef is part of your stay, he or she will be responsible for preparing your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Table service may not be included. The personnel will in most cases run errands.



Who does the shopping and the cooking?

For properties with household personnel, Premium Keys will let you know if the cooking is included. You will be responsible for the cost of food. An invoice will be presented to you after either the cook or a member of the personnel has done the shopping. In some properties, a complete dining service is offered; in which case, there will be a charge per meal presented to you at the end of your stay. In other cases, no cook or chef is provided and you will have complete access to the kitchen to prepare your own delicious meals.



Getting around: taxi, hired car, chauffeured car?

Depending on your needs and location, Premium Keys can best advise you when it comes to getting around town or going on a short or extended excursion. In all cases, the vehicles and chauffeurs will be of the highest standards.



Do I have to pay a deposit when booking? What are the accepted payment methods?

Your reservation is confirmed when we receive a deposit by credit card or by bank transfer. The reservation deposit is 30% of the total booking amount.



When do I have to pay the balance of the booking?

You must pay the balance 4 weeks prior to your arrival. If you book within 4 weeks of your arrival date, we will require the full rental amount.


What are the cancellation fees?

 You will be refunded 30% of the full rental amount if you cancel more than 4 weeks before your arrival.

The booking deposit is not refundable and you will be charged 100% of total rental amount if you cancel within 4 weeks of your arrival.



How do I get to the villa I booked?

 In most cases, the properties rentals include an airport transfer at both arrival and departure. Otherwise, we will provide you with all the details a few weeks before your arrival. We can meet you at your point of arrival and take you to the property, or provide you with the address and directions, in which case you will be greeted by one of our representatives or a member of the household personnel once you reach the villa.


Should we take out insurance?

You must ensure that your liability insurance covers holiday rentals. In addition, we strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance as the cancellation conditions fixed by the owners are strict and non-negotiable.

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